Reviews of Turkish clinics by Google Services


1. Liv Hospital, rating: 4.2 (573 reviews)

Asel Omuralieva, rating: 5

Great hospital with the newest equipment. We visited for a cancer check-up, were accompanied by Russian speaking hostesses, who organized queues. Doctors are passionate for patients. The clinic organized transfer from the airport and hotels. Would love to return!

Selçuk Yenice, rating: 5

I have visited this clinic many times because of my chronic illness. Of course, the doctors, nurses and reception are excellent. This is one of the places where I can feel safe, especially during a pandemic.

Ertuğrul Catal, rating: 5

I had a nose operation in the ENT department of Liv Hospital on December 1, 2020. The interest and relevance to entering and leaving the hospital was very good. My doctor is a wonderful person, constantly informs you and keeps you away from stress. I would like to thank Denise KAYA, and the ENT staff, Ms. Gizem and Ms. Kansu.

Hanna Basova, rating: 5

I would like to express my gratitude to the clinic in which my son is being treated for organizing a comfortable process of accompanying in treatment, communication between the patient and the doctor. If future patients suddenly do not know Turkish or do not speak English perfectly, then for convenience, everything has been foreseen in advance. An interpreter is assigned to each patient, who accompanies him through all steps in the clinic, participates in your dialogue with the doctor and provides all the necessary information. Since 2019, we have been undergoing treatment hand in hand with our translator Niyaz, who during these long months of our communication has already become an integral part of our life here, making it more comfortable. We express our gratitude to him! Always 24/7 in touch with us, a person who helps in many of our issues arising even outside the clinic.

Bulent Puskullu, rating: 5

I think that is a world-class clinic where people from all over the world are treated. I had an operation in cardiology and my doctor Alp Burak Bey is a world-class professional.


2. Memorial Hospital, rating: 4 (390 reviews)

Baris Beser, rating: 5

Perfect service and care from every doctor and nurse. This is a unique hospital with perfect hospitality. The rooms and every corner of the hospital are very clean and hygienic. You feel like you are in a five-star hotel where you are being treated

Zeynep Ozdemir, rating: 5

As a result of misdiagnosis and treatment in another hospital, I started looking for a good doctor and professor and found Oguz Akar. Thanks to his experience and follow-up, I regained my health. I would like to thank him and his experienced and cheerful team.


Alexander Bondarchuk, rating: 5

I am grateful and recommend oncologist Serkan KESKIN. He is very professional and attentive. After a course of chemotherapy, the tumor shrank and surgery became possible, and I was cured.I also thank translators Nino, Jamal and Mariam for their professionalism and friendliness!

Bal, rating: 5

New - clean - modern .

Hilal Azaklı çakmak, rating: 5

On August 11, 2018, I went through the most important hours of my life in the Memorial Hospital for premature birth. I am very grateful to all the doctors and nurses on the 4th floor of the C-block, especially to my own Dr. Hussemettin Uslu. With the intense efforts of medical staff, my daughter went through a critical process, and her life was saved.


3. Romatem, rating: 4 (90 reviews)

Mustafa Oztürk, rating: 5

I had a short-term hospital treatment for a hip fracture and postoperative rehabilitation at the hospital. As I have seen in many cases, physical therapy for re-mobilization is very important. Romatem Bursa Hospital is the most complete hospital in the field of physical therapy, very successful methods of treatment are used. Endless thanks to my doctor Nurten Küçükkakir who assisted in my treatment, my physiotherapists Sheide Hanim and Hassan Ali, the nurse and the staff.

Nurgül Kırkımcı, rating: 5

Hospital is equipped with the latest technology. Professional and friendly staff, caring doctors, physiotherapists and 5-star hotel rooms.

Esra çurka, rating: 5

Great place for treatment. The friendliness of the employees always motivates us. Thank you Romatem.

Turan Turkoglu, rating: 5

An ideal place for physiotherapy.


Outstanding physiotherapy center and professional staff


4. Medicana International Istanbul, rating: 3 (462 reviews)

Birgül İmre, rating: 5

Endless thanks to the doctors and staff, especially the cardiologists, Arda and Baran, many thanks to Medicana.

Derya Koca, rating: 5

We have been receiving treatment at Medicana for my father for about 1 year. Our doctor, Mr. Denise, nurses in the oncology department and other staff are all very professional and friendly people. I am grateful to everyone.

Saffeta Erden, rating: 5

I brought my mother, Fatima Erden, to a cardiologist Ayhan Olkay. She had an implantation of the pacemaker. The operation was performed 3 years ago. Thank God, my mother can now go up and down the stairs without getting tired. We even go to a wedding :) First of all, I thank my successful doctor Ayhan Olkay, who added life to my mother's life, then I express my endless gratitude to all the hospital staff.

Sevim Yardımcı, rating: 5

at MEDİCANA hospital my husband had a hair transplant and we were very pleased with the result. Special thanks to doctors, nurses and translators.

Mehmet Tural, rating: 5

First of all, I would like to thank prof. DA Bedri Ozer from the Department of Otorhinolaryngology and his team. Bedry and his team gave me great care and admiration before and after the operation.


5. Kolan, rating: 3 (360 reviews)

Burak Uysal, rating: 5

First of all, I would like to thank Professor Dr. Sadyk Yildirim, who successfully completed my mother's surgery and treatment of breast and pancreatic CA with a smiling face. We would also like to thank Ayşegül Seville, one of your managers, who never left us alone and supported us throughout the process. Our treatment is still ongoing in oncology at your hospital. We would like to thank your hospital and its team for providing the peace of mind and for all the steps taken during the pandemic.

Reyhan Eyüp, rating: 5

The general administration, cleaning, emergency services and other hospital staff were very friendly and attentive. Especially Sadyk Yildirim, one of your doctors, and Aishegul Seville, one of hospital directors, with her smiling face, sincerity and positive conviction of the patient, made me come to this hospital more often. Thanks.

Deniz Demirdag, rating: 5

Throughout my treatment, I can say that the attention and friendliness of my doctor and all your staff has helped me to go through the recovery process smoothly. Also, I think the soup I ate at your hospital was the best chicken soup, thank you wholeheartedly for your perfectly clean hospital