To receive a confidential personal offer regarding medical checkup or treatment in Turkey, please email THTC network office director in your country. If there is no THTC office in your country, please submit a Request Form on this website and our representative will contact you shortly.

For successful and prompt collaboration, it is important that you specify your medical issue and attach copies of all previous medical documents on your case, such as medical reports, MRI, CT, lab tests results, etc. Please also specify your preferred way of contact for further communication with your THTC network office.

Upon receipt of the aforementioned data, the THTC network office director will contact THTC member hospitals/clinics in Turkey to select the best treatment option for your case. The matching process might take from 1 to 7 days depending on the case complexity.

After that you will be provided with a written offer specifying THTC recommended hospital/clinic in Turkey, attending doctor, treatment method, anticipated treatment period and approximate treatment cost.

After making sure that the patient is happy with the offer, THTC network office proceeds working with the patient and their chosen hospital/clinic to agree the patient’s check-in date and other details.

For those types of medical treatments/procedures which do not require hospitalization (such as hair transplants), patients get accommodated in quality hotels close to their chosen hospital at special discounted rates.

THTC follows its clients throughout the treatment process from initial contact and choosing the right clinic to arranging free airport transfers in Turkey, providing free interpreters (if needed) and checking on the patients at all treatment stages to ensure the best possible treatment results.

THTC representatives in both the patient’s home country and Turkey are available for the patient’s inquiries 24/7 throughout the treatment process.

After the treatment is completed, THTC makes sure that the patient receives a discharge report and prescriptions from the hospital translated to their selected language, arranges their transfer to the airport in Turkey and continues to follow up on the patient in their home country if it is required by the further treatment plan recommended by the hospital.

THTC services are free of charge. The treatment cost amount is paid by the patient directly to the chosen hospital/clinic in Turkey, usually in the form of post-payment or as agreed between the patient and the hospital/clinic.

NOTE: During the COVID-19 pandemic, THTC network office in your home country will also update you on the pandemic-related travel procedures including COVID-19 testing requirements for entering Turkey.