Neurosurgery Turkish neurosurgeons successfully treat dejenrative spinal disorders, vascular diseases of the brain and the spinal cord, hydrocephalus, and neuro oncology cases. 

Neuroendoscopy, functional neurosurgery, peripheral nerve surgery are performed with a multidisciplinary approach assisted with multidisciplinary teams. 

All three kinds of epileptic surgery (resective surgery, disconnection surgery and vagal nerve stimulation) are performed successfully in Turkey.

Since 1997, Turkish neurosurgeons have successfully used gamma knife technology and are among top five teams using the gamma knife in the world in terms of the number of patients served. This technology allows to kill tumor cells using high-precision radiation without surgical intervention, which significantly reduces the rehabilitation period and eliminates the complications inherent in a traditional surgery.

Today, neurosurgeons at the leading Turkish clinics use the gamma knife of the 5th generation, which allows directing the necessary radiation doses precisely into the tumor, without affecting neighboring organs and tissues.

Another important achievement of Turkish Neurosurgery is the possibility of intra-operative MRI scans. During the operation, the patient is placed in an MRI box compatible with the operating table to monitor the quality of tumor removal. After this, the operation continues according to data of the MRI scan. Today, only 22 clinics in Europe have this technology.

Endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery (performed through the nose, without opening the cranium) is successfully used to remove pituitary tumors ensuring fewer complications and much faster recovery compared to traditional open brain surgery.

This content provides general information about treatment possibilities in Turkey and cannot be used for self-diagnosis and self-medication. 

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