Cardiology & Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiology is one of the strongest areas of Turkish Healthcare. Cardiology services including diagnostics, intervention, intensive care and rehabilitation are served with enhanced levels of know-how and state-of-the-art technology. A broad range of pediatric and adult cardiac and cardiovascular surgeries are performed by world-class Turkish surgeons. With 2×64 CT scans, instant diagnostics of the heart is possible with a high-quality outcome compared to conventional diagnostic modalities. 

THTC leading accredited hospitals perform over 10,000 cardiovascular surgeries per year, including coronary angioplasty and by-pass surgeries. Complex coronary by-pass surgeries on the beating heart with the use of heart micropumps have been performed since 2008.
This content provides general information about treatment possibilities in Turkey and cannot be used for self-diagnosis and self-medication. 


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