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Thermal springs for human health have always been well known. SPA for "sanus per aquam" in Latin means "health by water" and is a kind of alternative treatment with “various aromatic oils and massages” humans have not given up enjoyed for 3000 years. Anatolia (Minor Asia - Asian part of Turkey) on the other hand which is located on a major geothermal belt is considered to be among the top seven regions in the world for quality and quantity of hot thermal springs.

For centuries, thermal spas have been used as an integral part of general health and well-being therapies. Many cultures have recognized the benefits of thermal waters to the spirit, mind and body Turkey is one of the only seven countries in the entire world that have been gifted with vast and abundant natural sources of thermal baths and hot springs. Turkey alone has over 1,000 thermal hot springs

Alternative Medicine - Balneotherapy
Balneotherapy is a simulation-adaptation treatment applied over a period of time and repeated in a series of bathing, packaging, drinking and inhaling thermal and/or mineral waters, healing clay and gasses at specific dosages and in specific methods. Main balneotherapy methods are 

1. Baths: Thermo mineral water, peloid and gas baths and regional applications of these agents. 
2. Drinking cures: drinking cures made with mineral waters or applied to living areas. 
3. Inhalation applications: inhaling applications performed with thermo mineral water drops. 
4. Peloidotherapy: applications in method of bathing in healing mud and clay, packaging and padding.
5. Applications of hydrotherapy: Taking shower, bathing, washing and these types of applications performed with thermo mineral waters. 

Baths are classified as cold (hypothermal; under 93°F of water temperatures, sea baths are included into this classification), warm (isothermal; indifferent; in 93-95°F of water temperatures), hot (thermal; in 95-97 °F and 100-104°F of water temperatures). Duration of bathing is usually 20 minutes. While this time is reduced to 10 minutes in hyper thermal baths it can be extended to 25-30 minutes in isothermal baths. Bathing applications can be administered in forms of complete baths, half baths and bathing in sitting position and arm-leg bathing. Bathing is usually administered for the period of 2 to 4 weeks either as everyday bathing (only one day without bathing for week) or once every other day. A Spa physician can readjust bathing frequency towards the end of cure. 

Other than the carbon dioxide baths; patient must be in a position to be able to move freely especially in full baths. This condition is especially very important for patients who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, posttraumatic distress or orthopedic discomfort and peripheral neurological disorders. In baths with carbon dioxide containing water; it is recommended for patient to remain immobile during the time of bathing in order not to place an additional load onto the heart and artery system of the patient. 

Afterwards, the patient gets thoroughly dried after bath and relaxes and rests about half an hour to an hour inside a room with a pleasant temperature. After the stage of relaxation and resting the patient can be given a massage, may exercise, or could attend sporting activities. In the mean time again a physical treatment can be applied to patient. 

Drinking Cures 
The most often used method after baths with thermo mineral waters in balneotherapy is "drinking cures” carried out by the intake of waters containing natural minerals for certain period of time during the day at specific hours and in specific amounts. This process has direct effects over the digestive system organs and functions and indirect effects over the kidneys and urinary tract and occurs in connection with the chemical compound of mineral water used here. Above all else, a general positive feeling develops over the organism with drinking mineral waters in specific amount and at specific times.. This effect makes itself noticeable with series of positive and meditative changes in physiological and pathological courses.


Rheumatic Diseases 
Chronic types of rheumatism are the leading diseases that have negative effects on patient's quality of life. Thermal water is used as a complementary treatment element in chronic back pains such as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, non-inflammatory joint diseases such as osteoarthritis and soft tissue diseases such as myositis, tendinitis, trauma and fibromyalgia syndrome. 

Orthopedic Diseases
Effective results are achieved using thermal water in orthopedic diseases. Thanks to thermal water, fractures can be healed in shorter time, post-illness permanent dysfunctions can be corrected and effective results are achieved in mobility treatments after long-term immobile conditions in post brain and nerve surgeries.

Neurological Diseases
Relaxing and soothing effect of water allow achieving positive results in rehabilitation of neurological diseases such as cerebral paralysis, cerebral palsy (spastic), polio on which rehabilitation has critical importance. Additionally, ensuring appropriate environmental conditions is a factor that has an impact on the result. Thermal water has benefits in healing mental fatigue and mind (encephalon) fatigue. 

Skin Diseases 
Physico-chemical changes of the skin surface that our hyper-thermal (at 40-42°C) waters induce by means of hydrostatic osmosis, absorption and accumulation on the skin have facilitating effect on medical treatment of many skin diseases. The most important effect of the thermal spring waters on the skin surface is to accelerate the bloodstream. Thermal water offers a more healthy life for everyone young and old alike by slowing down the biological cell degeneration and the speed of aging. 

Thermal water has positive effects on the treatment of diseases due inflammations such as inflammations along the nerve (neuralgia/sy-neuralgia), nerve ending inflammations (neuritis/polyneuritis), tendon inflammation (tendinitis), synovitis (periarthritis). 

Cerebrovascular Diseases 
herapeutic applications within the scope of 'Wellness' with the integration of various massage and similar applications are successfully applied in addition to the balncologic effects in common stress disorders such as neurovegetative dystonia examples, rehabilitation of paralysis (stroke) sequelas, in treatment of stress and stress related disorders. Therapeutic results are achieved in various conditions such as hemiplegia (paralysis of a certain limb of the body) and paraplegia (paralysis of both legs). 

Nephrology Diseases
Thermal water has positive effects on treatment of (nephrology) diseases related to the urinary system including bladder and urinary tract, mainly kidneys. Due to its structure consisting of molecules and particles, thermal water increases the amount of blood filtered by the kidney. This increase has a positive effect on detoxification process. Thermal water helps kidney stones to be passed; and the treatment of diseases such as intestinal diseases, kidney and urinary tract diseases and urinary bladder infection (cystitis).

Calcification, muscle pains and sciatica
Calcification (osteoarthritis), a degenerative disease that causes pain in the joints, immobility and deformations in later stages has various types such as calcification of joints (arthrosis) and calcification of spine (spondilitis). Thermal water is one of the leading effective methods used in the treatment of calcification. Above all things, it is effective in reducing muscle pains (myalgia) and sciatica complaints. 


Respiratory system diseases
Thermal water has benefits for the treatment of various diseases related to respiratory system such as asthma (bronchial asthma), chronic bronchitis, allergic upper respiratory tract diseases, pulmonary diseases manifesting as a result of long-term inhalation of various dusts or chemical agents (pneumoconiosis).

Physical Therapy / Rehabilitation
Afyon Thermal Resorts offers physical therapy and rehabilitation opportunity without requiring a doctor's note for the retired and employees of Retirement Fund, SGK with co-operation of Afyonkarahisar Kocatepe University. You may benefit from our physical therapy and rehabilitation services as per our agreement with the Social Security Institution. 

Hot Pack 
Effective in reliving local pains, relieving muscle spasms and increasing joint mobility ability, Used in post-chronic pain and trauma periods, post broken sequela limitations and the treatment of sciatica, neuralgia and rheumatic diseases. 

An effective treatment method in decollement of tissues by accelerating tissue healing in wounds, fibromyalgia, lumber strain, cervical and lumber hernia and osteoarthorosis (calcification). 


Useful in treatment of acute and chronic pains. Mainly used in fibromyalgia pains, neck, arm, back and leg pains and post-op pains. 

Short-Wave Diathermy
One of the deep hot-plates in physical therapy and used as a treatment method especially in heating deep joints (hips, knees and shoulders).

Mevzi Ziya Bath (Local Light Bath)
Facilitates nutrition of cells and improves the cell resistance by accelerating the bloodstream. Moreover, it is effective in sweating off the toxins and stimulating endocrine activities of the skin. Used in the treatment of chronic rheumatic diseases. 

Having a sedative effect on sensory nerves, the Infrared application reduces the pain and relaxes the muscles by increasing the bloodstream. Toxic materials are discharged from the body by perspiration. 

One of the mid-frequency currencies. A treatment method for common pains. 


This is a straightening method and applied especially for relieving neck and back pains and muscle spasms. 


Paraffin Bath
A surface heat-treatment method for generally joint pains such as hands and feet, deformations and post-traumatic joint pains.


Location: 274 miles from Ankara  /  Water temperature: 30 C° / 97 °F  / pH value: 7.3
Physical and chemical properties: Isothermal, hypertonic, oligometallic water containing bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium.
Recommended Applications: Drinking(link to Drinking Cures) – 3-4 cups in morning on empty stomach. Bathing(link to Baths)  - 6-8 hours a day, with breaks. Drinking alcohol during treatment is prohibited. Applying medication to wounds during treatment may be hazardous. Treatment should continue for at least 21 days.
Helps to heal: The 0.8’ – 2.5’ fish in the waters aid in the healing of skin ailments like shallow wounds, pustule, eczema and psoriasis. The 6’ – 12’ snakes help to heal erysipelas (St. Anthony's Fire). Kangal springs, famous and unique in the world. The springs were generally used as a resort place and are at the disposal of patients suffering from this disease. Kangal Fish Springs is of a particular place amongst the other thermal baths found with in the country. This thermal, unique in the world is famous for curing the disease psoriasis. The fish springs known for their ability to cure psoriasis, which cannot be treated medically up to now.

Pamukkale (Cotton Castle)
Location: 8 miles north of Denizli  /  Water temperature: 30 C° / 97°F  /  pH value: 5.98 - 6.26
Physical and chemical properties: Hypothermal, hypertonic, sulphur, bicarbonate, calcium, carbon dioxide.
Recommended Applications: Drinking (link to Drinking Cures) and bathing (link to Baths)
Helps to heal: Drinking - digestive system especially the stomach, intestines, liver and gallbladder disorders, dyspepsia, chronic infections of the gall bladder and gallbladder pigmentation and gallstones, diabetes, obesity and gout. Bathing – arthritis, rheumatic ailments like osteoporosis, bronchial asthma, problems maintaining proper blood pressure, hardening of the arteries. Helps maintain a healthy circulatory system.

Location: 179 miles from Ankara  /  Water temperature: 29 C° / 95 °F   /  pH value: 6.5-7.3
Physical and chemical properties: Hydro carbonate, sodium, calcium, carbon-dioxide, bromide and fluoride.
Recommended Applications: Drinking and bathing.
Helps to heal: Rheumatism, cardio vascular problems, digestive and intestinal complaints, kidney diseases, urinary tract, liver problems, metabolism disorders, orthopedic and skin problems.

Location: 4 miles to Izmir  /  Water temperature: 44 C° / 144°F  /  pH value: 6.4
Physical and chemical properties: Bicarbonate, sulphur, sodium, calcium and magnesium.
Recommended Applications: Drinking (link to Drinking Cures) and bathing (link to Baths)
Helps to heal: Sciatica, rheumatic diseases, gynecologic, orthopedic and nervous disorders, plus intestinal and urinary problems.

Location: 54 miles to Izmir  /  Water temperature: 37 C° / 122°F  /  pH value: 6.6
Physical and chemical properties: Bicarbonate, sulphur, sodium, calcium and magnesium, chloride, sodium, magnesium, fluoride
Recommended Applications: Drinking (link to Drinking Cures) and bathing (link to Baths)  
Helps to heal: Dermatologic, gynecologic and urinary complaints as well as metabolic disorders

Location: 197 miles to Izmir  /  Water temperature: 32 C° / 104°F  /  pH value: 6.7
Physical and chemical properties: Chloride, sodium, hydrogen sulfide and bromide Recommended Applications: Drinking, bathing and mud bathing 
Helps to heal: Rheumatism, skin and blood disorders, heart ailments, bronchitis, nervous complaints, kidney and urinary complaints, metabolic disorders, and for elderly patients and convalescents. Mud and sulphur baths on the Lake Koycegiz side and wallow, hippopotamus style, in the warm, sticky swamp. It not only claims to have therapeutic properties (curing all manner of ills from skin problems to gastric conditions) but also claims to make you look ten years younger.

To receive a confidential personal offer regarding medical checkup or treatment in Turkey, please email THTC network office director in your country. If there is no THTC office in your country, please submit a Request Form on this website and our representative will contact you shortly.To receive a confidential personal offer regarding medical checkup or treatment in Turkey, please email THTC network office director in your country. If there is no THTC office in your country, please submit a Request Form on this website and our representative will contact you shortly.