Metabolic Surgery

The condition that includes obesity, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension is called Metabolic Syndrome. The treatment of Metabolic Syndrome by surgical methods is called Metabolic Surgery. 

The classic treatment paradigm for type 2 diabetes is education, diet, exercise and the use of medication. But the disease may take a progressive course despite all these measures. Sometimes, even with intensive insulin use, effective results are unobtainable. In such cases Metabolic Surgery should be considered as an effective treatment alternative.

In type 2 diabetes patients, the body produces insulin but cannot use it due to a complex of hormonal, neural, psychogenic and environmental factors.

Metabolic surgery normalizes the use of insulin produced by he body through a displacement (transposition/interposition) operation procedure involving the stomach, duodenum and small intestine.

Metabolic syndrome patients should meet a number of medicals parameters to qualify for metabolic surgery, so a comprehensive checkup is necessary.

Qualifying patients are admitted to the hospital 1 day before the surgery. They are given medication to treat their blood sugar and hypertension. If everything is normal during the post-operative period, they will have 3-4 days of hospitalization.Detailed information on nutrition and daily activities after discharge is provided verbally and in writing.

This content provides general information about treatment possibilities in Turkey and cannot be used for self-diagnosis and self-medication. 

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