History of Council

History of Council

It was Founding Chairman Mr. Emin Cakmak, who holds one of the first travel agent certificate of Turkey, who proposed forming a Council to facilitate health tourism activities in and outside of Turkey. Many national and international medical conferences and seminars are initiated by Cakmak resulted in the birth of the Council. The main objective of the Council is to improve the health of people in other countries by coming to Turkey for medical treatment. The overall goal is “to strengthen the health tourism activities and to unite the national efforts to bring more patients to come in as well as to promote Turkey as a new health destination for the patients around the globe.”

There were 32 founding member associations at the beginning. This number as well as the activities of the Council has grown over the years and there are now 141 recognized associations – in and outside of Turkey. There are 57 network offices around the world, which are strongly affiliated to the Council.

The Council has gone through a structural development in 2011 and enlarged its staff members. It has delegated all international issues to a trilingual Director of International Affairs.
The Council is capable of serving in all world languages through professional translators and its Head Office staff members are speaking English, French, Russian, and Arabic fluently.
The only Official Representative of Medical Tourism Association in Turkey
The council is the authorized representative of US based Medical Tourism Association, which is the leader of Medical Tourism in the world and which serves as the locomotive of the sector. With the protocol executed in Chicago on 16 April 2009, the Council became the partner of MTA as the only authorized organization in Turkey.

The Founding Chairman Emin Cakmak is also acting as Strategic Development Officer of MTA in Eura-Asia.
MTA, which also organizes the World Medical Tourism Congress and Fair, will carry out several activities in the next period in order to improve medical tourism in Turkey and will provide various supports for the medical service providers in Turkey via the Council.

The Council became the Platinium sponsor of the Global Medical Tourism Congress 2011, which will take place in Chicago in October 2011.

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