About Us

About Us

About THTC

In 2005, the Turkish Healthcare Travel Council (THTC) was established to strengthen health tourism activities and to unite the national efforts to bring more patients to Turkey from around the world. With 317 members, consisting of hospitals, clinics, thermal and medical SPA centers, hotels, assistant companies, and with 144 network offices in 85 different countries, the council has grown into the largest healthcare association both in Turkey and the world.

THTC has developed an exemplary corporate structure. In 2013 at Monte Carlo-Monaco, THTC initiated and served as a founding country for the Global Healthcare Travel Council, which promotes and provides healthcare services to world citizens. Through such endeavors, the Turkish Healthcare Travel Council has cemented its place as a global contender in the healthcare industry.

About Map2heal

Map2heal is considered as the most advanced and innovative Health Tourism platform in terms of technology. Thanks to Map2heal's features, Doctors and Hospitals have the oppurtunity to introduce themselves in 17 different languages. Member Health Institutions may advertise their treatment packages internationally. Besides, they may benefit from Map2heal's online chat translation module, DICOM viewer, E-Mail Marketing, SEO and various advertising feautures, automatically. Map2heal provides services for international patients traveling around the world, in 87 countries with 146 Network Offices. Network Offices work as international offices of member Health Institutions. In this way, treatment packages of your institution are being marketed around the world with a single click through Map2heal's Network Marketing system. Besides, through the query pricing system, all member Health Institutions may be informed about international patients looking for treatment in your country and propose an offer. Join Map2heal system and benefit fom it's technological innovations.

Advantages of Map2heal

Map2heal is not just a website or a web portal, it is a software system. Map2heal may be easily integrated into Health Institutions' websites and be presented on Health Institutions own corporate websites. The System of Map2heal has also features such as;
-A professional website in 17 different languages
-Online chat translation module
-Video Conference in HD Qaulity.
-DICOM data transfer (CT Scan, MRI, Angiogram etc.)
-Hundreds of Multilingual Patient Consent Forms
-Online query pricing system
Marketing of Treatment Packages through Global Network Marketing System
-Mobile Application
-SEO, Digital Marketing & E-mail Marketing Automation
-Map2heal is an international platform that gathers Health Professionals, Patients as well as Network Offices and provides communication between them
Pioneering the Worldwide Healthcare

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